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11610-Blood Bank Incubator


11610-Blood Bank Incubator

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  • Blood Bank Incubator (Cabinet)
  • Designed for easy and safe storage of blood, vaccines, regents and cultures
  • Double walled interior stainless steel and exterior of G.I sheet finished with epoxy powder coated shade
  • Cabinet is highly insulated between the walls minimize the heat exchange and energy loss.
  • Digital temperature display, resolution to within 0.1c solid state electronic temp. controller
  • Inner made of 316L S.S and exterior S.S 304 matt finish in GMP Model
  • Hermetically sealed compressor and fan cooled condenser for excellent cooling
  • Quiet, hermetically sealed compressor and fan cooled condenser – CFC free cooling system
  • Audible and visual temperature alarm indicator to provided protection maximum for stored products
  • Interior cabinet lights with door activated plus independent switch
  • Preset + 4 c temperature
  • Audible and visual power failure indicator
  • Dual pane glass viewing door, heat insulated to prevent condensation
  • Stainless steel drawers for easy access
  • Operates on 230 volts A/C.

A Blood Bank Incubator is commonly used for:

  1. Blood Storage: Providing a controlled environment for the storage of blood products.
  2. Preservation: Maintaining optimal conditions to preserve the integrity of blood components.
  3. Temperature Control: Ensuring a stable and regulated temperature for stored blood.
  4. Quality Assurance: Supporting the quality control of blood products.
  5. Plasma Thawing: Facilitating the controlled thawing of frozen plasma.
  6. Research and Development: Utilized in studies related to blood and plasma.
  7. Clinical Applications: Used in healthcare settings for blood-related procedures.
  8. Pathology Labs: Supporting blood-related analyses in pathology laboratories.
  9. Blood Typing: Providing optimal conditions for blood typing procedures.
  10. Safe Storage: Ensuring secure and standardized storage of blood products.
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