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11640-Rota Mantle


11640-Rota Mantle

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  • The unit is a combination of heating mantle and magnetic stirrer
  • A robust aluminum housing for heating mantle having powder coated finish and S.S housing for stirring compartment
  • Selection of temperature controller energy regulator OR solid state digital temp. controller
  • Solid state analogue speed controller
  • Hand knitted – fiber glass heating surface with high resistance nichrome elements
  • A PTFE coated magnetic bar to perform the stirring

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Flask Capacity Watts Speed RPM
11640-250 250 ml Cap 200 1200
11640-500 500 ml Cap 200 1200
11640-1-L 1 Lt. Cap 300 1200
11640-2-L 2 Lt. Cap 450 1200
11640-3-L 3 Lt. Cap 450 1200
11640-5-L 5 Lt. Cap 600 1200
11640-10-L 10 Lt. Cap 1000 800
11640-20-L 20 Lt. Cap 2000 800

A Rota Mantle is commonly used for:

  1. Rotary Evaporation: Assisting in the evaporation of solvents using a rotary flask.
  2. Sample Concentration: Concentrating samples by removing volatile components.
  3. Extraction Processes: Facilitating extraction procedures through rotary evaporation.
  4. Chemical Synthesis: Supporting synthesis reactions by evaporating solvents.
  5. Solvent Recovery: Recovering and collecting solvents from solutions.
  6. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in various scientific experiments and procedures.
  7. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent and controlled evaporation conditions.
  8. Efficient Evaporation: Providing a method for rapid and efficient solvent removal.
  9. Research and Development: Applied in R&D activities for process development.
  10. Temperature-sensitive Materials: Ideal for heating materials that are sensitive to direct flame during evaporation.
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