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12390-Block Heater


12390-Block Heater

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  • Specially designed for many clinical test performed in laboratories including blood test inactivation of culture, incubators enzyme analysis melting and boiling point determination, wet ashing sample concentration catalyst digestion and many more application
  • Highly insulated chamber provide uniform and efficient heat transfer to test tubes
  • Exterior body made of G.I finished in blue powder coated shade
  • Block made of aluminum alloy for excellent uniform temperature
  • With solid state electronic temp. controller with digital indicator & PT 100 as a sensor
  • Range: 5c above ambient to 250c
  • Accuracy: ±1c

A Block Heater is a laboratory device used for uniform heating of samples in small vessels or tubes. In short, its primary use is for:

Sample Heating:

  • Providing controlled and even heating to samples in laboratory vessels or tubes, commonly used in various scientific experiments, molecular biology, and biochemical applications.
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