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12400-Dry Heat Sterilizer


12400-Dry Heat Sterilizer

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  • Dry Heat Sterilizer Class 100
  • Specially designed for sterilizing ampoules, vials and bottles
  • Microprocessor based programmable temperature controller
  • Round corner 316L stainless steel chamber and exterior 304 S.S Matt finish
  • Heap filters at air intake, exhaust and re- circulation air flow to ensure a class 100 environment
  • Effective door sealing by food grade silicone gasket
  • RS- 232/ RS 248 port for computer interface data storing and documentation procedures
  • Independent safety temperature controller to protect the process in case main control fails
  • range: 5c above ambient to 200c

A Dry Heat Sterilizer is a device used for sterilizing equipment and materials using dry heat. In short, its primary use is for:

Dry Heat Sterilization:

  • Sterilizing laboratory tools and instruments through the use of dry heat, eliminating microorganisms without the need for moisture, commonly employed in research, healthcare, and industrial settings.
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