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12570-Laboratory Magnets


12570-Laboratory Magnets

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We are affianced in providing a wide array of Laboratory Magnets. Our products are extensively used in several industries for different applications. These products are manufactured by the team of skilled & dedicated professionals to meet the various demands of clients.


  • Excellent tensile strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Highly reliable

Laboratory magnets are magnetic devices used for various applications in scientific experiments and research. In short, their primary uses are:

Magnetic Separation:

  • Separating magnetic materials from non-magnetic ones in laboratory samples.

Stirring and Mixing:

  • Stirring and mixing liquids in experiments using magnetic stirrers.

Material Testing:

  • Testing the magnetic properties of materials in physics and material science experiments.

Sample Holding:

  • Holding and manipulating magnetic samples or components in various laboratory procedures.
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