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12875-Tablet Making Machine (Manual)


12875-Tablet Making Machine (Manual)

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Product Description :-

We are a reputed name in the industry, devoted towards offering the best quality array of Hand Operated Tablet Making Machine.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Small-scale Tablet Production:

  • Manufactures tablets manually in smaller quantities for laboratory or small-scale production.

Educational and Research Purposes:

  • Used in educational settings and research laboratories for practical demonstrations and experiments.

Prototype Development:

  • Aids in the development of tablet prototypes for new formulations or experimental purposes.

Tablet Formulation Testing:

  • Facilitates the testing of different tablet formulations in a controlled and manual setting.


  • Offers flexibility for small-scale production needs and adjustments to tablet formulations.

Training Tool:

  • Serves as a training tool for individuals learning about tablet manufacturing processes.

Low-volume Production:

  • Suitable for producing tablets in low volumes, especially in settings with limited production requirements.

Simple Operation:

  • Operates manually, providing a simple and hands-on approach to tablet manufacturing.

Cost-effective for Small Operations:

  • Cost-effective solution for small-scale operations or settings with budget constraints.

Basic Tablet Shapes:

  • Typically produces basic tablet shapes and sizes manually.
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