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  • Ultra Cleaners are used to remove Dust, Oils, Grease, Polishining Compounds, Waxes, Swarf, Stains & other contaminents.
  • It works on principle of Ultrasound i.e. high frequency electrical energy is converted into ultrsound waves by means of ultrasound waves by means of ultrasonnic transducers, which are bonded on the base of S.S. Cleaning tank. These high frequency sound waves create in the liquids countless microscopic vaccum bubbles, which rapidly expand & collapse. This phenomenon is called Cavitation.
  • These come in different Capacities & the Brochures of the product are attached in this page as below.
Part No. Capacity Frequency Power Timing Tank Dimension Heating Power
12900-1.3 1.3 40KHz 70W 10s-600s 150*135*65mm 100W
12900-2.0 2.0 40KHz 70W 10s-600s 150*135*65mms 100W
12900-3.2 3.2 40KHz 120W 10s-30minutes 240*135*100mm 100W
12900-4.5 4.5 40KHz 120W 10s-30minutes 500*300*150mm 100W
12900-6.8 6.8 40KHz 180W 10s-30minutes 300*150*150mm 200W
12900-11 11 40KHz 240W 10s-30minutes 300*240*150mm 300W

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Precision Cleaning:

  • Cleans delicate and intricate objects, reaching areas that may be difficult to access using other cleaning methods.

Laboratory Equipment Cleaning:

  • Effectively cleans laboratory glassware, instruments, and small parts used in scientific research.

Jewelry and Watch Cleaning:

  • Ideal for cleaning jewelry, watches, and other small items with intricate details.

Dental and Medical Instrument Cleaning:

  • Used in dental and medical settings for cleaning and sterilizing instruments and equipment.

Electronics and PCB Cleaning:

  • Safely cleans electronic components and printed circuit boards (PCBs) without causing damage.

Automotive Parts Cleaning:

  • Cleans automotive parts, removing grease, oil, and contaminants from surfaces.

Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Industry:

  • Utilized in pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing for cleaning vials, molds, and production equipment.

Degassing Liquids:

  • Removes entrapped air or gas bubbles from liquids, enhancing the efficiency of degassing processes.

Veterinary Instrument Cleaning:

  • Cleans veterinary instruments and equipment in a thorough and efficient manner.

Restoration and Conservation:

  • Used in art restoration and conservation to clean delicate artifacts and artworks.
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