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13780-Newtons Colour Disc

13780-Newtons Colour Disc

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  • Diameter: -newton Disc Is 200mm Withstand,
  • Motor:- 4-6v, Safety Sockets.
  • Type: – Newtons Colour Disc

With All The Necessary Arrangements For Conducting Newton’s Ring Experiments. A Standard Microscope Unit With 30x Magnification And Rotatable Cross Line Complete With Beautiful Storing Cabinet.

A Newton’s Colour Disc is used for:

  1. Color Spectrum Visualization:
    • Demonstrates Color Spectrum: Illustrates the creation of a color spectrum through the spinning disc.
  2. Additive Color Mixing:
    • Teaches Color Mixing: Shows how primary colors combine additively to produce different hues.
  3. Optics Education:
    • Physics Instruction: Used as an educational tool to explain optics and color perception principles.
  4. Persistence of Vision:
    • Demonstrates Persistence: Exploits persistence of vision to blend colors and create visual effects.
  5. Interactive Learning:
    • Engages Observers: Provides an interactive experience for understanding color phenomena.


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