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13930-Fortin Barometer

13930-Fortin Barometer

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  • A superior pattern standard mercury barometer suitable for altitudes upto 600 meters.
  • The barometer has a nominal bore of 7mm.
  • Engine divided silvered scales covering 675 to 810mmHg.
  • The reservoir has a standard type of adjustment screw and index and the barometer, complete with -10 to 50 deg. C thermometer is mounted on a polished baseboard complete with hanging plates.
  • It can also be supplied in showcase for better durability at extra cost.

A Fortin Barometer is often simply referred to as a “Fortin” or “Barometer.” In laboratory and meteorological applications, it is used for:

  • Measuring atmospheric pressure
  • Determining changes in weather conditions
  • Calibrating other pressure measuring instruments
  • Studying variations in barometric pressure over time
  • Providing accurate pressure readings for scientific and meteorological purposes
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