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7820-Utility Sets, 34 GU Organic Chemistry Set


7820-Utility Sets, 34 GU Organic Chemistry Set

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  • For student use in preparation organic chemistry up to the 1501 g scale, this includes all the necessary equipment to allow a wide range of preparation to be carried out
  • IT is also invaluable for industrial laboratories where the among of preparative work is not great and may occur at infrequent intervals
  • For such applications, this set has the advantage of covering an extensive field of work and occupying little space when not in use
Item No. Components Socket Size Cone size
1 Still head 14/23 19/26
2 Receiver 19/26 24/29
3 Air leak/steam inlet tube 19/26
4 Liebig condenser 19/26 19/26
5 Dropping funnel, 100 ml 19/26 19/26
6 Reducing adapter 19/26 24/29
7 Multiple adapter 19/26 24/29
8 Flask, R.B., 50 ml 24/29
9 Flask, Erlenmeyer, 250 ml 24/29
10 Flask, R.B., 250 m 24/29
11 Stopper 19/26
12 Stopper 19/26
13 Thermometer Pocket 14/23
14 Receiver adapter 19/26
15 Flask, R.B., 100ml 24/29
16 Stopper 24/29
PART  No. Description
7820-34 GU Complete set comprising 16 items of Glassware

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Organic Chemistry Modeling:

  • Utilized for building molecular models to represent organic compounds and their structures.

Chemical Bonding Visualization:

  • Helps visualize and understand the spatial arrangements of atoms and chemical bonds in organic molecules.

Stereochemistry Studies:

  • Supports the study of stereochemistry, including the three-dimensional aspects of molecular structures.

Functional Group Representation:

  • Enables the representation of various functional groups found in organic compounds.

Reaction Mechanism Illustration:

  • Used to illustrate and study reaction mechanisms in organic chemistry.

Molecular Conformation Studies:

  • Facilitates the examination of different conformations and isomers of organic molecules.

Chemical Education:

  • Valuable for educational purposes in teaching and learning organic chemistry concepts.

Hands-On Learning:

  • Provides a hands-on approach to learning complex organic chemistry principles.

Research and Laboratory Use:

  • Useful in research and laboratory settings for designing and visualizing molecular structures.

Modeling Organic Synthesis:

  • Aids in modeling and planning organic synthesis routes and strategies.
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